Stuck For Gift Ideas For Teenage Boys? Get It Wrong At Your Peril

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Published: 22nd December 2010
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Teen boys have to be one of the hardest groups for gift giving. Your gift has to be cool, and unique, while at the same time be something that they really want. But when you get a shrug of the shoulders if you ask them for ideas, you are left with no option other than to take a guess.

In order to help you with the guessing game, here are some great gift ideas for teenage boys that fit into the cool, and unique categories.

Surprise the teen in your life with a magazine subscription. Amazon has dozens from which to choose, including Sports Illustrated Kids. According to Amazon, one of its unique characteristics is its ability to get reluctant readers, especially boys, to fall in love with reading through the themes and topics of sports. Written for teens, the SIK focuses on the achievements of athletes, not the less favorable coverage that the adult SI provides.

If you are looking for a gift for an avid reader, the latest generation Kindle, the Kindle DX 3G Global Wireless Reader would be perfect. It has a large screen, 9.7" on the diagonal, and can store up to 3500 books. It's lightweight, easy to carry around and is only as thin as some magazines. The new Kindle is loaded with features and your teen will love showing it off...yet will be really cool and nonchalant as he does so. One of the great features of the Kindle DX is that you can download the first chapter of books from Amazon - check them out before you buy.

Fit & Fun
Too old for a scooter but too young to drive makes the RipStik Castor Board the perfect transportation for young men. Ideal for getting around, the board will also allow your teen to show off his tricks and skills, no doubt to the delight of a watching young woman. The boards come in a variety of colors, yet, it can also be customized with stickers. This board is also suitable for big kids (meaning dad) as weight capacity is 220lbs. Right now the RipStik Castor Board is on sale at Amazon and you can save over $80!

Another really cool gift right now is a combined GPS and heart rate monitor that is an exceptional training tool for athletes. What makes this gift both cool and unique is that your teen can track training routes and distances on Google Earth. Synchronizing the Garmin 305 GPS Forerunner with a satellite should also appeal to the kid who loves gadgets. And better yet, this too, is on sale for an amazing low price at Amazon. It's less than half price right now.

Does your teen have a TV in his bedroom? If not, the prices of LCD HD ready TV's has come down drastically recently. No more fighting for control of the family TV, let your guy have his friends over and they can hook up their gaming machines in his room. They may be a bit noisy but at least you know where they are.

Stay tuned for our next article on great gift ideas for teenage boys. In the meantime, check out these and more great gift ideas at Amazon There are some great deals available right now.

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